Providing Design and Construction Project Management Services for the Following Industries


bridgewater, inc. is your project management consulting firm, capable of assisting you with your design and construction needs. Our experienced team spearheads your capital initiatives so you are able to complete your projects on time and in a cost effective manner. If you are planning to construct and transition into new, renovated, or expanded facilities, we will facilitate your goals. We are able to augment your existing staff and resources. Projects tend to be of limited duration. Why onboard additional FTE’s when bridgewater, inc. can provide those resources for the duration of your project or as otherwise needed.

Program and Project Planning for the Future

Having a clear and concise strategy for growth and development is a vital step towards ensuring your lasting success. When it comes to expanding into or constructing new facilities, it is important to consider all factors before committing to an action plan. That’s where we come in. Our program and project planning services lay the foundation for your success. Consultation, planning, and project management services are available for businesses in the following industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Technology

At the Forefront of Facility Development Initiatives

Foster growth and realize a positive return on investment with our experienced team. When you work with us, your facility development initiatives will be steered in the right direction. Our project management team has been in business for more than 20 years. Many clients have come to trust our proactive approach to project management, and adaptive approach to service. We utilize effective leadership, management, and reporting tools to ensure your investment in facilities development complete on time and on budget. Put simply, our experience and knowledge base allows you to diversify your resources and encourage growth.

The Detail-Oriented Project Management Consulting Firm

Commercial and healthcare capital development projects alike require measured foresight, practicality, and the help of a seasoned team. Count on our project management firm to further your company goals and to pave the road towards long-term success. Our team is completely committed to your goals. We achieve them through a focus on the details, strong team communication, and adherence to your scheduling and budgeting constraints. We make decisions based on your input and best interest.

Contact  bridgewater, inc. today to learn more about our services. We proudly serve clients throughout North America and around the world.