About bridgewater, inc.

Improve your project timeline and the lasting viability of your organization with the help of bridgewater, inc. As your full-service project management firm, we draft and assist in the implementation of winning strategies that help your business succeed. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we help organizations successfully initiate, plan, and complete their facility development initiatives. Learn more about us below, and be sure to request a consultation with our team. We work towards your goals.

Mission Statement: Provide the highest quality project management services, and establish and exceed customer expectations.

bridgewater, inc. is a professional program and project management firm assisting clients with their facility development initiatives.

bridgewater, inc. markets to small, medium, and large corporate and institutional customers and focuses on healthcare facility development projects.

Company History

bridgewater, inc. was established in 1999 by founder Jamie Toler. With 30 years of design and construction experience as a project manager, Mr. Toler has assisted corporate and institutional clients by managing their facility development initiatives.

Since our establishment, our core services have been tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the healthcare, commercial, technology, and education sectors. Over this time, we are proud to have provided program and project management consulting services to Microsoft Corporation, Roman Catholic Diocese, Carolinas HealthCare System, Caromont Health, and Columbus Regional Healthcare System.

In 2007, Mr. Toler was awarded the prestigious Project Management Professional credential by the international organization Project Management Institute. Today, his clients respect him due to his ability to successfully manage and complete their facility development initiatives.

The Adaptive Consultancy

Our company is committed to providing targeted strategies that allow your organization to grow. We leverage our distinct abilities so that our project management services are able to respond to the specific needs of your facility developments. Listed below are consulting services we provide for our corporate clients:

  • Program and Project Planning
  • Designer Selection and Management
  • Contractor Selection and Management
  • Team Building
  • Contract Negotiation with Designers and Contractors
  • Cost-Reduction Strategies
  • Design Development and Management
  • Project Budget Development and Maintenance
  • Cost Management Systems
  • Change Order Management
  • Project Schedule Development and Maintenance
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation
  • Infection Control & Interim Life Safety Measures
  • FF&E Selection, Delivery, and Installation
  • Information Technology Delivery and Installation
  • Project Status Reporting
  • Regulatory Agency Management
  • Meeting Leadership
  • Commissioning and Project Close-Out
  • Transition and Move Management

MeetING Your Goals and ExceedING Expectations

When it comes to expanding your business, making the right moves at the right time becomes a cornerstone of sustainable success. With our help, you too can develop initiatives with total confidence. Our project management firm listens closely to your specific needs and project goals so you are able to meet them successfully. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Proactive Project Planning
  • High-Quality Project Execution and Delivery
  • Cost Savings
  • On-Time Delivery
  • End-User Satisfaction

Leveraging Our Resources to Meet Your Needs

Choose a project management firm that backs its experience with a wealth of useful resources. Given the number of years in the design and construction industry, we have developed many relationships with architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners.

We maintain professional relationships with local building inspection officials, as well as state regulators. Our founder regularly attends healthcare facility related conferences and seminars to expand on our network of business associates. As a result, we have developed a respectable portfolio that allows us to proactively address changes quickly, while also saving you time and resources. Hands down, we respond to your demands efficiently so you can meet your deadlines.

Contact us today to request a consultation with our project management company. We proudly serve clients in North America and around the world.