Scope of Services

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Construction Documents

  • Define Project Scope
  • Constructability Analysis
  • Attain Approval of Project Scope
  • Define and Document Alternates for Bidding
  • Complete Final Drawings and Specifications
  • Review As-Built Drawings Monthly

Contractor Selection

  • Identify Prospective Bidders
  • Prequalify Prospective Bidders
  • Correspondence to Prospective Bidders
  • Determine and Recommend Prospective Bidders
  • Prepare and Distribute Invitation to Bid


  • Define Scope for Bid Packages
  • Determine Contract Type – Lump Sum or Cost Plus
  • Preparation of Bid Packages
  • Preparation of Request for Proposals
  • Pre-Bid Meeting and Contractor Site Survey
  • Receipt and Review of Proposals
  • Analysis and Summary of Proposals Spreadsheet
  • Contractor Scope Review and Interview
  • Draft Award Recommendation
  • Notice to Proceed and Award of Contracts


  • Define Permit Packages
  • Complete and Submit Permit Applications
  • Review with Regulatory Authorities
  • Ensure Inspections are Scheduled Appropriately
  • Ensure Certificate of Occupancy is Received

Certificate of Need

  • Assist with Initial CON Filing
  • Prepare and Submit Quarterly Reports to CON Section
  • Schedule and Manage State Inspections

Contract Administration

  • Review and Recommend Contract Language
  • Draft Contract for Review and Approval
  • Review Contract with Contractors
  • Manage Execution of Contracts
  • Administer Terms and Conditions of Contracts

OAC Meetings

  • Schedule and Lead Periodic OAC Meetings at Site
  • Prepare and Distribute Meeting Minutes

Budget and Cost Management

  • Develop Detailed Baseline Budget
  • Establish Cost Center(s) and Project Number(s)
  • Establish Chart of Accounts for Each Cost Center
  • Review, Update, and Maintain Cost Accounting
  • Estimate Cost at Completion on a Periodic Basis
  • Prepare Cash flow Reports
  • Sales Tax Accounting
  • Establish Application for Payment Requirements
  • Application for Payment Approval and Processing
  • Final Cost Accounting
  • Develop Depreciation Schedule

Change Management

  • Review Requests for Change & Change Orders
  • Approval of Request for Change
  • Approval and Execution of Change Orders
  • Contingency Management
  • Maintain RFC and Change Order Log

Schedule Development and Maintenance

  • Define Phasing and Schedule Requirements
  • Identify Long Lead Items
  • Develop Schedule for Team Review and Approval
  • Publish Schedule to Team
  • Monitor Schedule Activities
  • Update and Publish Revised Schedule

Request for Information

  • Review and Respond to Requests for Information
  • Maintain RFI Log

Construction Management

  • Confirm Constructability with Contractor
  • Monitor Contractor’s Work Progress and Staffing Levels
  • Develop and Manage Quality Assurance Plan
  • Develop Punch List and Manage Completion

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

  • Define FF&E Requirements
  • Document FF&E Requirements
  • Coordinate Architectural and Engineering Requirements
  • Order FF&E
  • Expedite Ordering of Long Lead Items
  • Track Delivery of Long Lead Items
  • Determine Delivery Requirements
  • Confirm Equipment Delivery
  • Manage Installation of FF&E

Information Systems and Audio Video Equipment

  • Define Requirements
  • Document Requirements
  • Coordinate Architectural and Engineering Requirements
  • Order IS and Audio Video Equipment
  • Expedite Ordering of Long Lead Items
  • Track Delivery of Long Lead Items
  • Determine Delivery Requirements
  • Confirm Equipment Delivery
  • Manage Installation of Information Systems and Audio Video Equipment

Project Status Reporting

  • Determine Stakeholders
  • Determine Reporting Requirements
  • Prepare Periodic Status Reports
  • Present and Distribute Status Reports

Document Control

  • Maintain Current Set of Construction Documents
  • Maintain File of Addendum
  • Maintain File of Bidding and Proposal Documents
  • Maintain File of Contract Documents
  • Maintain File of RFI’s
  • Maintain File of Executed RFC’s and Change Orders
  • Maintain File of Meeting Minutes
  • Maintain File of Payment Documents


  • Manage Development of Commissioning Plan
  • Develop Commissioning Plan
  • Approval of Commissioning Plan
  • Execute Commissioning Plan
  • Document Results of Commissioning Plan

Project Close-Out

  • Manage Development and Completion of Punch List
  • As-Built Drawings and Specifications
  • O & M Manuals
  • Warranty Documents
  • In-Service and Equipment Training
  • Draft Certificate of Substantial Completion
  • Issue & Execute Certificate of Substantial Completion
  • Final Payments

Transition Management

  • Organize and Plan Transition to New Facility
  • Inform Stakeholders of Transition Requirements
  • Manage Transition to New Facility


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